Significance of Yoga Eye Exercises

We are often reprimanded that sitting hunched over our phone screens and computer screens throughout the day can be harmful for the spine and back muscles but we shouldn’t forget how detrimental this is for our eyes!

In today’s fast-paced digital era, too much is asked of our eyes. They are constantly required to gaze into screens and artificial light. The key danger is when we gaze into a bright screen with mesmerising images we forget to blink for long stretches of time. Blinking needs to be done very frequently approximately 5 times every 15 to 20 seconds but this just does not happen when we are gazing at our screens.

Blinking stops our eyes from drying out, it nourishes our eyes with oxygen and nutrients, keeping them healthy. On the other hand prolonged exposure to screens leads to eye strain, fatigue, and various vision-related conditions which are often irreversible.

Opting for Yoga Classes at Home, is a step in the direction of eye health. This is firstly because during a yoga class, even when it is online, the eyes are looking all around. We look at the screen then at our own selves, our body alignment and we focus on balance and execution of postures.
In class we often use ‘Drishti’, focus of eyes on one point and then we sit and also do “Netra Vyayayam’ – yoga eye exercises. Just like the muscles of the body, our eye muscles also need to be stretched and kept supple, otherwise they become taut and short and press on the eyes and impair our vision. Yogic eye exercises give them this valuable stretching.

We close our eyes during meditation and relaxation practices. In this way our eyes are both exercised and rested during a Yoga Class.

Understanding the Eye-Brain Connection

The human eye isn’t just a mere sensory organ it’s a complex structure intricately connected to the brain. The optic nerves in the eye transmit visual information to the brain, where the information is processed and interpreted. Yoga eye exercises stimulate these nerves and enhance the flow of blood and oxygen to the eyes and brain. With better circulation, the optic nerve is nourished and it promotes sharper vision as well as better cognitive performance. 

Relieving Eye Strain and Fatigue

Yoga eye exercises incorporate gentle eye movements, palming, and focusing techniques that help both to stretch and relax the eye muscles, reduce strain, and soothe tired eyes. Today, when our screen time surpasses time spent on other activities, regularly practicing eye yoga can significantly reduce the risk of eye strain and eye damage.

Enhanced Concentration and Focus

The yogic practice of ‘Trataka’ (steady gazing), improves concentration by training the mind via the eyes. The eyes are like the windows to our soul and steadying the eyes on a single point of focus leads to steadying the mind. This steady gazing strengthens the eye muscles as well. The resultant mental stillness helps practitioners improve their concentration ability leading to better performance in all tasks.

Preventing Age-Related Vision Decline

As we age, our eyes undergo natural changes that may impair vision and increase the risk of macular degeneration and cataracts. However, with proactive measures, such as yoga eye exercises, and the habit of getting a good nights sleep, one can mitigate these risks and preserve our visual health, thus delaying the onset of age-related vision impairment. 

As an example — According to the New York Department of Health, 14.9% of people have a distance vision impairment, and approximately 12 million people over 40 have vision impairment.

One can take a proactive step and enrol for Online Yoga Classes in New York to work towards eye health. 

Yoga Eye Exercises We Should Include In Our Routine:
‘Bahya’ and ‘Antara Dhrishti’.
Eye Rotation
Focus Shifting
‘Trataka’ (Candle Gazing)
Near and Far Focus
Vertical, Horizontal and Diagonal Eye Movements.
Shambhavi Mudra
Nasikagra Drishti

Want to learn these techniques, but don’t know where to start? You can always opt for Online Yoga Sessions at Yoga with Sapna today! 

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