Online Yoga with Authentic Indian teachers for the Global Diaspora

I like to think of yoga as a cosmic science cum art that connects people from different ethnicities, cultures and beliefs. Several years ago, some students attending classes at my studio asked me if I could continue to provide yoga sessions to them as they shifted abroad. Their query left me thinking: is there any way I can connect to Indians who have become global citizens, and help them stay on this transformative path of yoga? Well, fortunately, now I can. The Covid pandemic forced me to transition from Studio classes to Online classes.

In a world where borders have been dissolved through digital connections, Online Live Yoga Classes can offer people abroad the opportunity to embrace the holistic health benefits of yoga with a single click. As an Indian teacher, I hope to offer them an authentic experience as I possess the cultural background.

The Sacred Aspect of Yoga

Yoga originated in India thousands of years ago, and in our tradition, it extends far beyond physical exercise. Yogic practices are associated with metaphysical well-being and spiritual harmony, and as a certified yoga teacher, when I conduct yoga sessions, I not only guide you on your postures, the flow of prana, how your nadis work, or how you can get the best out of yoga I also bring my cultural knowledge that fosters a sense of belonging and creates the right context.

Accessibility and Convenience

It’s not practical to spend long stretches of time in yoga ashrams after having to travel across oceans to reach there as well as compromising on ones career and lives built slowly with hard work. Well, now, with Online Yoga Classes in New York, you can learn ancient yogic principles right from someone with a connection to her roots. Instead of travelling all the way to India you can just set aside some time of your daily life and get to imbibe, learn and practice, authentic yoga.

Catering to Diverse Needs

Let’s face it: We live in an era where, for a large majority of people, the day starts with caffeine and bagels and ends with wine and red meat. Our screen time exceeds the time we spend with our loved ones, and our connection to nature is lost. Due to unhealthy lifestyle habits, people struggle with obesity, diabetes, PCOS, PCOD, hypertension, and whatnot. Having yoga in your life will keep showing you the right path and encourage you to follow. As your yoga teacher I can help you address specific health concerns. In my class I incorporate meditation and mindfulness practices and I include moderate to challenging asanas.

I also offer personalised consultation sessions for your individual requirements or specific health concerns.

Whether you are a part of the Indian diaspora navigating life away from your homeland, or just someone in a distant land who values the principles of yoga in your life if you are searching for Live Online Yoga Classes, schedule a complimentary class at Yoga with Sapna today and find out what yoga has in store for you! 

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