Finding Balance in the Bay: How Online Yoga Classes Thrive in the Wellness World

Our planet is unique and gorgeous through and through. Within it, there are regions which are specially awe inspiring and I would most certainly include San Francisco in this list, for it’s bounteous natural beauty, weather and vibrant culture of people and their pursuits.

The City by the Bay is home to people of all backgrounds and cultures.

One can witness the bustling streets of San Fran with surfers, rollerbladers, entrepreneurs, college students, moms with babies, street artists et all on any given day.

Today Yoga has become a mainstay in this vibrant city. San Francisco has large numbers of yoga studios but finding a suitable one in one’s neighbourhood is not easy. However, Online Yoga Classes in San Francisco, are a great option and they are becoming ever popular. People can access a wide number of classes and opt for one which fits one’s needs. One could enrol with a local yoga studio, or even one in a far away country like mine in India, the home of this ancient practice.

Flexibility in Schedule: Yoga on Your Terms

Being a part of the San Francisco work force, in any capacity, big or small, means juggling packed schedules. Whether one is a financial technology expert or a parent managing work, children, housework and endless family responsibilities, the power to pick a yoga class that conveniently fits into one’s day is now available to us.

Variety of Yoga Styles

Online yoga offers us the ability to chose the style, intensity and duration of a yoga class. We could opt for a more dynamic, flowing form of ‘Vinyasa’ yoga or the more basic and easier practice of ‘Hatha’ yoga; and of course there are further choices in the many other forms and styles of yoga such as ‘Iyengar’ yoga, Hot yoga, ‘Ashtanga’ yoga and so on. You could also choose an Online class like mine which additionally has ‘pranayama’ or breathing exercises, relaxation and meditation woven in. I have studied many styles of yoga and have incorporated their techniques, modifying them where I felt the need, using my knowledge and experience of twenty plus years in the yoga arena. In my 90 minute class, besides static postures and ‘vinyasa’ flows, I offer you valuable elements of many prominent yoga styles, peppered with some yoga chanting, knowledge of mantras, chakras and mudras as well. I call my yoga style ‘Yoga With Sapna’ because it is me, Sapna, who has curated the class for you. It is a strong wholesome class and I invite you to join me on this beautiful yoga journey.

Cost-Effective Wellness

As Sanfranciscans are well aware, living costs here are steep, so eking out money for health and wellness activities often takes a backseat. Online Yoga Classes are affordable and they offer us a way to build healthy lifestyle habits for a lifetime. With no commuting expenses and reasonably priced subscription plans, this virtual platform is an ideal way to get ahead with our health and fitness.

Comfort of Home: Venue of your choosing

Some people are not able to feel at ease, exercising in a room full of people. If you are one of them, Online Yoga Classes in San Francisco can be a great way to create your own personal space for yoga. You can attend the class from anywhere and depending on where you are, you may have to toggle between sometimes logging into class from your phone, maybe most days from your yoga space at home on the computer, for a larger screen viewing experience and if you can arrange it, rig it up to your smart TV and have a more immersive class experience with a fully enlarged view and feel of a real live studio.

Take the step and enrol today

Often, the number of things to get done in a day and the pace of modern life leaves scant time for self-care. In this scenario, online yoga classes can literally be life saving. In ancient India, yoga was developed to achieve holistic wellness and now in the 21st century, people across the world are acknowledging yoga as a system to heal body, mind and soul. I urge you to approach yoga as a wholesome system of exercise. Start searching for Online Yoga Classes in San Francisco. You can always contact me and book your first yoga session by joining Yoga with Sapna today!

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