Why Should Men Opt For Yoga?

I have observed a slow and steady increase in the positive response to Online Yoga Classes For Men. That is heartening and I would like to emphasise the benefits of yoga for men so that more and more men are encouraged to commit to yoga.

Many of us would be familiar with the Butterfly pose or Baddha konasana. This induces a very strong blood circulation in the lower pelvic region nourishing our pelvic organs. This is specifically vital for men because it nourishes the prostate gland, which often develops problems like getting enlarged or becoming cancerous. So this posture is literally like a life saver for men.

I have noticed  that men are usually drawn to strong forms of exercise such as gymming with weights and sports like soccer, tennis, squash, swimming etc. All these help in developing a strong musculature but there is no scope for flexibility training. Yoga takes care of this. Yoga includes both strength training by holding weight bearing postures and building flexibility by numerous body manipulating postures. Flexibility is a key ingredient for good health. It helps keep the spine healthy, preventing it from becoming rigid –  the spine which is the body’s main structural support. Flexibility keeps our joints lubricated and our movements graceful and youthful.

Have you ever noticed how women seem to handle stress better than men?  It appears they are more in tune with their emotions. When guys get stressed, they often ignore the signs, and that is a red flag.  Stress messes with men’s behaviour – they turn to  eating junk, skipping exercise, and they might even start doing risky stuff like drinking and smoking.

Here is a simple solution. Taking just 20 to 40 minutes a day for sitting quietly and practising the calming aspects of yoga like stretching gently and breathing consciously can work wonders. It is a chance to connect with yourself. For men, that might be a whole new experience.

My husband’s friend remarked “In this busy daily commute from Gurgaon to Delhi and back, I don’t have extra time in my schedule to go to a yoga class.” Don’t worry – there are plenty of Online Yoga Classes in Gurgaon.

In today’s scenario this may not be entirely true but it is still valid that men bear the burden of being the main breadwinners of the family. Work related anxieties can often lead to men having difficulty sleeping and suffering from Insomnia. Do one Online yoga session with me and see yourself slip into a deep slumber! The breathing exercises in yoga play a vital role too, in keeping us balanced and relaxed. Yogic practices like ‘tratak’ or ‘concentrated gazing’ are specially recommended for and very effective in counteracting sleeplessness.

With so much on their plate, men should be wise and supercharge their  Immune System with Yoga.

Yoga stimulates our nerve connections, massages our hormone producing glands and bolsters our Immune system, helping us ward off infections and remain fit.  Our environment is full of pesky and nasty germs. To fight them off and stay healthy we need a strong immune system. Here yoga steps in to save the day! Yoga encourages us on the path of ‘satvik’ eating.

Yoga inverted postures use gravity to  help the lymphatic fluids flow smoothly in our bodies, which keeps our defence system strong and gives us more protection against those sneaky infectious diseases.

I sincerely hope I would have convinced you. Do check out Live Online Yoga Classes at ‘Yoga With Sapna’. I have solutions for the challenges men face. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to improve your life with yoga!

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