Looking to Join an amazing Yoga Community with Regular Online Yoga Classes?

Online Yoga Classes are a real boon in today’s fast paced life.
The benefits of yoga happen with regularity of practice.
Save commute time by enrolling in Online classes.
Continue your Online classes even as you travel.
With Sapna’s guidance embark on this transformative experience where Sapna combines ancient yogic wisdom with modern lifestyle.

With Sapna’s expert guidance, you’ll embark on a transformative experience that combines ancient yogic wisdom with modern convenience.


Online Classes For Health And Fitness

I have created unique sequences for practising traditional yoga. Each yoga session is different, not a set routine. Physical asanas, breathing, and meditation are done in an integrated flow. Students in my class range from beginners to those who have been attending for over ten years.
hatha yoga

YWS Studio Programs

Studio classes were held by Sapna from 2002 until 2019. After Covid Sapna transitioned to ONLINE YOGA CLASSES . She can now enroll students from all over the globe.


Free Videos

Free yoga videos provided online. Unique choreographed sequences. Topic-wise instructions. Online subscription classes are live.

kundalini yoga

Customized Workshop

Custom-designed workshops for corporate and other groups. Conducted in English. 1 to 5 days. Can be held at any location worldwide.



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Online Yoga Classes
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What My Clients​​ Say about Me

Sapna is extremely knowledgeable about yoga. The YWS class is a mix of asanas, pranayama and meditation. It is a complete package of workout and relaxation. The variations in the routine make the class more interesting. For me physical fitness is very important. Yoga with Sapna has helped me to achieve that in every way.
Suvarna Srivastava
YWS is excellent in every way – teacher, environment, versatility. Sapna is an excellent teacher/guru. My experience has been fantastic, awesome. Everyone must experience YWS once and they won’t be able to resist coming back to it again and again every day.
Kamal Sapra
Sapna is a very positive, sincere and dedicated teacher – who has her students’ best interest at heart. My stamina and flexibility level have both really improved. It is very important to have a professional teacher who is very dedicated and sincere. There is no better place than Sapna’s yoga class.
Romi Agarwal
Garment Designer
Sapna is an inspiring teacher. She articulates each asana and meditation practice beautifully. I feel motivated and surrounded by positivity and the desire to practice more. I love the energy of Yoga with Sapna; each movement is powerful and leaves me feeling rejuvenated
Priyanka Kapahi
Marketing Director
While in India, I took the opportunity to learn yoga at Sapna’s studio, and now feel blessed to have practiced this new discipline near its birthplace and in a traditional, balanced manner that is mostly unknown outside India.
John B. Wells
Environment & Energy Expert
Yoga with Sapna is a perfect combination between relaxing and fitness. I already feel more flexible and have a better body feeling.
Binder Selina
Consultant (Ernst & Young)

Try My Surya Namaskar Do-Along Yoga Sequence

Cobra Pose
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