Yoga Teacher Training in India- 3 Things to Consider Before Starting

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Yoga, a complex practice, with thousands of years of history and the ability to transform lives, is believed to have evolved during the period of the ‘Sat Yuga’– the Golden age. The art of yoga, born in India, a land where yoga and meditation were developed and practiced, was propounded by the ancient Indian sage Patanjali, in the 12th century, but made a notable comeback in the late 19th century.

If India is the birthplace of yoga, then doing your Yoga Teacher Training in India will give you that unique edge and authenticity. India is a land of inherent spirituality and numerous people have been traveling here to pursue their teacher training classes in the various institutions spread across the country.

Furthermore, since the training involves learning the history of yoga, its ancient lineage, learning the related sanskrit terms, and the concept of ayurveda, India is the perfect destination for your training. However, before you proceed on this journey, here are three important things to consider.

What Style of Yoga Does The School Teach?

The essence of yoga is the same but people put an emphasis on different aspects, therefore many styles of yoga have evolved, like a variety of Hatha, Vinyasa, Power, Hot, Yin, and even acro yoga. It can initially seem intimidating to try and understand which of them appeals to us. However, finding the best style for us, is key because this the one that we would genuinely want to teach.

Training in a style that we are familiar with and being comfortable in, while practicing, can help us assess our goals. We then can analyze the different Yoga Teacher Training Programs to determine if their outcome matches our goals and needs.

We need to assess whether the program focuses on just one style, or is a mix of different styles. After all every style has its own strengths and emphases, and if you truly want to understand what you’re teaching, it is always best to focus on one style (at a time).

What Training Format Do You Want?

This is an essential question that we must ask before we start on our journey. Where do you want to travel to get your training. It can be residential training or a local training centre which can allow you to live at home the entire time. Whichever our choice may be, they both come with their own advantages. A local training lets you continue your work or family obligations while you train. A residential training lifts you out of that routine into a deeper, more transforming immersion in yoga as a way of life. Furthermore a residential training center also allows you to interact with other yogis who are on a similar journey as yours, which can help you deepen your experience more, by sharing your learning.

Understand The Aspects of Yoga That The Training Emphasizes on

As you research schools for Yoga Teacher Training in India you will understand that not all schools are alike. There are schools, which focus only on rigorous physical asanas and vinyasas, which means only the yoga postures and flows, because they view yoga primarily as a physical fitness regime. On the other hand other schools see yoga as a tool for successful living on all levels, which is why they add aspects of meditation, healthy lifestyle, and spiritual growth into their classes as well. Others focus primarily on spiritual growth, which would mean deep meditation and advanced pranayama with very basic posture practice. So, ask yourself what you really want to learn and then proceed.


As you embark on your journey for Yoga Teacher Training in India, understand that no training in the world can give you all the knowledge in 200 Hours of Training. What your training can however help you with is, setting a strong foundation of yoga practices and philosophy.

Your training is not the end of your journey. To be a successful yoga teacher you will need to constantly study, practice, and update your skill set. If yoga is something that you know you want to do eventually, just go ahead and embark on this fabulous journey!

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