Finding Zen at Home: The Rise of Online Yoga Classes in the Venice of Gulf

Dubai prominence is palpable in a number of areas. It’s modern futuristic skyscrapers, it’s beaches, it’s diverse culture, it’s ever increasing educational institutions, a shopping destination especially for gold and diamond jewellery as well as Persian carpets, the various adventure sports it offers water sports, camel rides and quad bike rides on the sand dunes, the various theme parks being developed – Dubai is certainly bustling as a business plus holiday destination. Progress is often accompanied with stress that is the flip side of advancing because every person is stretched to the maximum to turn in the best work, as well as be extremely productive.

Within this energetic tempo, I have witnessed many trends rising in the Venice of the Gulf among them one trend that’s very close to my heart is yoga. Yoga has spread it’s healthy tentacles worldwide and it has become a lifestyle for people who want to embrace holistic wellness. Online Yoga Classes in Dubai are definitely gaining popularity. These are the reasons below.

Accessibility and Convenience: Break Free from Boundaries!

Online Yoga Classes in Dubai isn’t just about stretching and bending it’s about a relaxing break from rigid schedules. Being able to access a class from elsewhere in the world is so life enhancing. Such a joy to incorporate yoga into one’s daily routine, without the requirement to adhere to fixed class times or having to travel to one’s class location. In a city where time is valued as a ticket to getting ahead, online yoga provides a simple way to develop strength and flexibility, allowing us to fit our exercise programme into our unique schedule. It’s yoga on our terms; flexibility to practice at a time convenient to us and keep our body and mind healthy and energised to tackle our busy lives.

Personalized Progress Tracking: Your Yoga, Your Progress!

Surprisingly, in a traditional yoga class, getting personalized attention from the instructor is a challenge. During class there is no interruption or scope for discussion and as soon as the class is over, the teacher is in a hurry to be elsewhere. However, in online yoga, despite being miles away, your instructor can monitor your development, set goals for you and guide you on your yogic path. You can keep clearing your doubts and queries via all the communication channels we have these days, and in this way keep a strong bond of connection with your teacher.

Enhanced Privacy and Comfort: Your Sanctuary, Your Space!

Imagine doing yoga in the comfort of your own home, the freedom to experiment with your yoga postures in privacy. Online classes give one the ability to mark out an exercise area in our home and turn it into a personal yoga space. The added benefit is that one need not feel intimidated as one might in public practice. Those who feel self-conscious in a group setting will be greatly benefitted by Online Yoga Classes. In the familiar, comfortable setting of one’s home, one can explore and experience the transformative benefits of yoga without being judged.


Visualize doing yoga with Dubai’s skyline as a backdrop. To be in touch with our quiet, steady self, while being engaged in the hustle of Dubai’s everyday life, Online Yoga Classes in Dubai can be the best option. Searching for online classes offered by a professional yoga teacher? Join the sessions at Yoga with Sapna today.

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