Yoga With Weights is a Premium Video from Yoga With Sapna. The duration is sixty minutes divided into four segments – introduction plus three complete do-along sequences to practice doing yoga with weights. Each sequence is a complete routine. Users can do any sequence, or combine the sequences in any order, to vary the length and focus of their daily practice. Users are encouraged to add Yoga With Weights to their regular yoga and exercise routine – give it a try!

Yoga With Weights

4 Minutes

This video contains important information about practicing Yoga With Weights.  It explains the level of weights to use, cautions to observe while doing yoga with weights, and ways to get maximum benefits.  Please watch this segment before practicing Yoga With Weights for the first time and come back to it occasionally.

Yoga With Weights

Sequence 1 – Standing Position
25 Minutes

Sequence 1 provides a do-along practice of postures and exercises from a standing position. It is a complete workout that may be done on its own or in any combination with the other two sequences. Most users will find it best to start their yoga with weights practice with Sequence 1. Get started today!

Yoga With Weights

Sequence 2 – Half Way Down Position
14 Minutes

Sequence 2 combines weights with yoga postures and exercises in half way down positions such as on hands and knees, on the side, and sitting down. It is a complete workout that may be done on its own or in combination with any of the other two sequences. If you are looking for something different, this sequence is for you. Challenge yourself!

Yoga With Weights

Sequence 3 – Prone Position
11 Minutes

Sequence 3 is a practice of postures and exercises in a prone (lying down) position. It is a complete body workout that can be practiced alone or in combination with any of the other two sequences. Many users make it the last part of their daily routine. Enjoy it!

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